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Confirmed that Wigan Athletic Reinhardt offers received

Elijah with the Liverpool Jerseys Soccer has negotiated personally with transactions transfer from Liverpool. South Africa 2010 World Cup, spotlights performance Elijah, the first battle of the game in Denmark, Elias 67 minutes on the bench in the exciting breakthrough in an elevator in the left column, supported indirectly Kuyt with the National Team Soccer Jerseys sealed the victory for # the Country Netherlands. Athletic Director Bastian

Reinhardt said: "We will not rent the sense it is a very simple conclusion is given to Elijah, we must obtain at least 12. Elia, now 23 years old, in summer 2009 to move from Twente price € 850 000 000, Hamburg,

Elijah left and right wings are competent, superior technology, superior penetration capability. With the power of the World Cup in South Africa, chasing Elia Club and rejected a minority, and only recently sold as dominant deposit large sums of money Wolfsburg, they want to be on the lending of Elia, but squarely in Hamburg. In addition,

Wigan also wants Elia, manager Bastian - confirmed that Wigan Athletic Reinhardt offers received: "This is an offer from Wigan, want to hire Ely Under half of the season after taking over, but we n 'we disagree.

"villa elevators manufacturers "has also led to hunting, the mountain club Tottenham Hotspur Reb Yake and Blackburn Rovers.5 million, Liverpool and Wigan with tht Replica Soccer Jersey all expressed interest in Elias and Elijah reached lish this powerful winger and let him and Dirk Kuyt can really fly on the wings of the Red Army.. Earlier this month, Hodgson still functions as Liverpool Elijah

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